Riyaz Makhani

Founder & Ceo.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Trendy Kitchen World. Where kitchens don’t just dazzle with style, but exemplify clever utilization of available space and offer a world of convenience Too.

Trendy Kitchen World is a manufacturer, supplier and retailer of Modular Kitchens, Shutters, Baskets, Hardware and Carcasses etc. Every Trendy product has been designed keeping in mind kitchen ergonomics so as to pamper ‘The queen of the kitchen’ with a world of convenience. Besides innovative solutions help in intelligent space planning.

Dream Kitchens for every Indian

Our Vision

To bring you the World’s Finest in Modular Kitchens

Our Mission

To design kitchens that are creative, distinctive, and unique expressions of your lifestyle,While also allowing you the choice of designing your own kitchen through the provision of the last components available

Our Goal

To provide the best modular kitchen
To offer an exclusive range of accessories, appliances and kitchens.
To exceed consumer expectations
To provide efficient and prompt after-sales service